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AGENDA ITEM : Sakoku Japan

Even though being a shogun-regent for his father the retired shogun, Tokugawa Hidetada; Tokugawa Iemitsu couldn’t administer his authority until his father’s death. In 1632 Iemitsu gained legitimate authority, forced his brother to commit seppuku and consequently in 1633 replaced his father’s old advisors with his childhood friends in high positions.

Between 1633-1639 under Iemitsu’s reign a series of new rules and edicts put the Japanese lands under a strict isolationist policy modernly called Sakoku. With this policy non-Japanese influence from the Shogunate’s domain was expelled, except for the Dutch East India Company’s sneaky finger lingering on the man-made island of Dejima. The chains bound to Japanese lands would affect the nation for the next couple centuries.

Will history prove true or will the Shogunate this time fail to consolidate his Daimyo’s with his chains?

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