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AGENDA ITEM : Somali Civil War

The United Nations Security Council (UNSC), one of the principal organs of the UN, tasked with upholding international peace and security, stands to address a multifaceted issue - the Somali Civil War. As a powerful entity within the UN Charter, this committee will be challenged with the complexities of the political conflict in addition to shaping the humanitarian crisis in the region. 

Seeing its start in the early 1990s, the Somali Civil War, has left a mark on the Horn of Africa. Fueled by political instability, ethnic tensions, and the collapse of central governance, it has raised many issues such as the control over resources, piracy, militias and an evergrowing humanitarian crisis. External intervention has further grown these issues faced by the Somali people. 

Taking all this into account will have the committee challenged with the task of producing a comprehensive resolution to address the immediate security concerns, and the underlying socio-economic and political factors that contribute to the crisis. The UNSC will provide a platform to explore diplomatic solutions, foster cooperation, and work towards a sustainable future for Somalia.

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