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AGENDA ITEM : The process of youth and adolescents adapting to the evolution of new world after the pandemic

The pandemic has changed lives in various aspects and the delegates are expected to be conscious of the significant influence this unprecedented event has had on the younger generation globally as they come together in the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund to discuss the crucial subject of youth and adolescents adjusting to the changing environment in the wake of the global pandemic.

Even after the repeal of lockdown measurements, youngsters still continuing to choose loneliness by willingly remaining indoors is seen to be making people lonelier every other day. The importance of socializing appears to be lost sizably after the rise of social media use during the pandemic. The continuity of this phenomena upholds the risk of losing the sense of day-to-day life mostly of the children of young age.

A new world, full of chances for growth and resilience but also full of challenges, has emerged in the wake of the epidemic. This committee will investigate the complex processes of change and adaptation in light of the many needs and experiences that young people have all over the world.

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