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AGENDA ITEM : Legalization of Addictive Substances and Limitations on their Public Usage and Safety

With the recent increase in the legalization of addictive substances, it is of utmost urgency for nations to gather around this topic. The United Nation Office of Drugs and Crime is at the forefront of a global movement to address the complex issues of substance misuse.

UNODC, which was founded in 1997, uses international cooperation, technical assistance, and policies to combat global problems like narcotics, crime, corruption, and terrorism. The extent of the committee’s mechanisms on the issue of legalization of addictive substances will be key to understanding how to utilize its powers.

The discussion of responsibility for developing policies that balance the needs of communities and individuals around the globe with the legal system will be taken under observation as the top priority. Additionally, questions such as whether or not the legal system will enable the unsafe usage of addictive substances amongst various age and demographic groups will be tackled.

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